10 Moms Reveal Their Real-Life Run-Ins With Ghosts & Ghouls

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The following is one in a series of real-life unexplained stories. Have you ever had an otherworldly encounter? Share in the comments!

From vampires to zombies, witches and all other sorts of specters, we've all seen our fair share of spookiness in TV shows and movies. But when it comes to real-life ghostly encounters? Not everyone can say they've experienced one of those firsthand!

But believe it or not, plenty of us have. We asked 10 women to share their scariest, most inexplicable experiences. You'll never believe the spine-chilling details!


1. The invisible bedmate: "I had a ghost sit on my bed when I was a child. I thought it was the cat, because the covers were indented, and I couldn't roll in that direction. (That's what woke me up!) So when I sat up, I saw the indentation, couldn't move in that direction, but no one was there!"

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2. The possessed Jack in the Box: "My husband and I found this cute starter house on a rent-to-own deal while I was pregnant with our first child. We found out shortly after that, two kids, ages 7 and 5, who had lived in the house previously, had been murdered elsewhere by their mom's boyfriend. We moved in and started our family, not letting this bother us since it didn't happen there. Fast-forward about a year, and my daughter was about a year old. She had always slept in her room, except for she started waking up in the middle of the night laughing and playing. We figured it was just her age until we would hear toys going off that were put away. Well, one night, she was in there laughing and shrieking with joy like someone was playing with her. I listen quietly, and then I started hearing her Jack in the Box, which has no batteries, going off and popping open. I woke my husband up and made him go with me to her room. There it was, in the middle of her floor, and she started pointing at it, laughing, and saying, 'Look!'"

3. The unquestionably haunted house: "My mom's old house is haunted. One day, I walked into the bathroom and found the entire floor covered in maggots. I grabbed a broom and swept them up and flushed them down the toilet. I came back a few minutes later and the maggots were back. This time, I swept them up and tied the bag closed and took them to the outside trash, thinking that they somehow came out of the toilet. By the time I got back in the house, they were there again. This went on for an hour, between 2 and 3 p.m. The clock in the living room chimed 3 o'clock as I took the last bag, and it stopped. It never happened again. Another time, my mom was handing me some lipstick, and her hand was just a few inches from mine when she dropped the lipstick into my hand, and it disappeared into thin air. My husband didn't believe in ghosts -- until he saw one at my mom's house!"

4. The disappearing baby: "One night, while my son was out with my dad, and my husband was at work, it was just my daughter and me. She was playing in the toy room, with the light and TV on, and I was in the TV room texting my husband and checking on her every now and then. When it got quiet, I thought she fell asleep on the little bed we had in the room, so I left her alone. Next thing I knew, she starts SCREAMING at the top of her lungs, like she was being beaten. I got up so fast, I ran into the wall. I couldn't find her anywhere, just heard her screams. I was crying, mumbling, 'Where's my baby, where's my baby?' I checked rooms, restrooms. Nothing. I looked in the toy room closet ... THERE SHE WAS!! Crying her eyes out! Now let me tell you: She did NOT know how to turn our doorknobs -- at all! The closet she was in didn't have a knob inside, so how she opened it and closed it completely is beyond me! I got angry, so I picked her up and demanded, 'Whoever, whatever is in MY house must leave now, because it's MY house, MY kids' house, and it is not welcome, in the name of God, LEAVE and never come back!' She was so scared. I just held her tight. Nothing happened after that ever again."

5. The phantom motorcyclist: "My older sister, three of her friends, and I went to Busch Gardens for this event they have around Halloween time called Howl-O-Scream. [After a] fun, awesome night, we left at midnight. My sister's BFF was driving, [and] everyone was sleeping but me. (I was in the back seat.) All of a sudden, this motorcycle was behind us with its light super-bright. The others wake up to us complaining, and we all look back, and the motorcycle was gone! We were the only car on the road that night. Then, out of nowhere, the motorcycle appeared with it's bright light. You couldn't see the person driving. It would disappear and appear. We finally reached the tolls to jump onto the turnpike, but the motorcycle was GONE! And we never saw it again. Super-scary!!!" 

6. The church specter: "My mom, aunt, and my sister and I went to visit their old church in downtown Chicago. My mom said she hated the church as a child and always felt watched there (not in an angelic way). We were completely alone in the church and decided to use the restroom before heading home. As we walked in, we hear this super-creepy voice say, 'Get out!' We could see all the rooms, and no one was there. We obeyed the voice at quite a brisk pace!"

7. Love never dies (no, really!): "Fifteen years ago, my dear husband died. I decided I wanted to stay alone that night. While I was sleeping, I heard a noise, which woke me. I laid there with my eyes closed, and I felt someone touching my face. The hands were definitely my husband's. He use to cup my face when he kissed me, in such a loving way. I started crying and then jumped up fast and pulled on the ceiling fan light. I went to the bathroom, crying, and asked him NOT to scare me -- and he never did again, in that way. But he has been here for all these years. I've seen him hundreds of times now. About 20 people have seen him. I guess he is here to comfort me or keep me safe, because he visits all the time. He makes the house smell like roses on holidays and my birthday, every year. He hasn't missed one yet!"

8. The apartment-sitting nightmare: "I had moved out to Colorado to apartment-sit for my friend. It was my daughter, who was 3 at the time, and me alone in the apartment. I kept feeling like someone was constantly watching me. I would hear footsteps above me, but we were on the top floor. One morning, I was getting ready to go babysit, and my daughter was still asleep on the couch. I turned around to see one of the dolphin figurines she had pick itself up, fly across the kitchen, and break at the base. From that moment on, things got really bad. Mirrors would fall off the walls randomly, toys would move on their own, voices in the middle of the night. Finally, I was reading a book, and my daughter was asleep on the couch, and I heard something in a very demonic voice whispering 'master' in my ear. That was enough for me, and I got out of there!"

9. The grandfather ghost: "I was visiting my MIL with my husband, and he went out with a couple of friends one night, and I decided to stay at the house. I was sleeping and was woken up from the sound of the stairs, like someone was walking up, and I thought it was my husband. I did not bother to turn around, because I figured he would just come to bed. Well, I felt someone come into my bed, but when I turned around, there was no one! Freaked me out! The next day, they told me his grandfather had died in that house!"

10. Weird "science": "My sister and I were having a snack in the kitchen one night. Out of nowhere, we heard the most insane noise ever. It was dozens of pitches going all at the same time. I could only imagine it sounded like an alien spacecraft with engine trouble. It came from the basement. The most memorable thing actually happened in the basement. I went to the entrance, which was outside. Something ran past me. It was the outline of a human, but with no features, and all black. I felt no fear. I still don't when I think about it. I actually had the feeling that it was afraid of me! ... I have a more scientific approach to it. There are so many things we don't know yet. Could it be something to do with multiverse? Parallel universe? Magnetic fields? I don't automatically think 'dead people.'"

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