Wife Tries to Stab Husband to Death & He's Grateful She Did

A drunken woman stabbed her husband numerous times -- and ended up saving his life. The woman, who lives in England, reportedly got into a drunken brawl with her equally drunken husband, and she stabbed him repeatedly in the chest, chin, and arm. Instead of being mad about it, however, her husband begged a judge not to put his wife in prison -- because the stabbing actually saved him.


Unknown to the man, he was dying of liver disease, a result of years of alcoholism. Likely he would have died soon if not for the "life-saving" stabbing his wife gave him. This is because when he was rushed to the hospital for his wounds, doctors discovered his deadly condition.

Doctors were then able to immediately put him on medication, which will give him years more to live.

The man, Gordon Parsons, was so thankful to his wife, Margaret, that he pleaded with a judge not to sentence her to prison. Her defense attorney told the judge:

He wanted me to pass on what he said, that he still loves his wife, that he wants her back, that she in effect saved his life because when he was taken into hospital they discovered the seriousness of his liver disease and he is now getting treatment for it.

However, the judge was having none of it and gave her 16 months. After all, it's not like she meant to save his life. Seems quite the opposite!

Well, there's some irony here for sure. Be careful who you try to kill -- you may just end up saving his or her life! Do you think that catchphrase would discourage murderers, maybe?

Sad as this story is, these two do sound made for each other in their own way. Let's hope that Margaret is able to get sober in prison and, when she gets out, Gordon is sober and waiting for her. That would be the best end to this story.


Image via Police

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