Teacher Calls Cops on 5-Year-Old Who 'Groped' Her

A teacher at an elementary school in Florida reportedly called police after a 5-year-old "groped" her. According to the teacher, the young boy had twice "grabbed" her in the vagina. So she reported him to the cops.


The teacher told investigators that the boy's behavior had "escalated" in recent weeks and that he'd become "aggressive and vulgar."

Hmm. Interesting. I was not there, so I wouldn't want to say exactly what went on here, but some kids do start to get curious about adult body parts about this age, and being kids, they're not quite up on what is appropriate and what isn't. I remember babysitting this little girl who repeatedly screamed, "Show me your boob!" and tried to grab it when I'd try to put her to bed. There was nothing wrong with this girl, she wasn't a little sex offender, she was just being kind of obnoxious. Like kids can be!

But it's probably a good idea to take a look at this kid's behavior overall. If he truly does have some issues, they can manifest young, and if there's a pattern of inappropriate sexualized behavior, it can be an indicator of something very wrong. Kids can sometimes act out sexually if they've been abused too.

On the other hand, maybe he's just being curious and isn't expressing that politely. You really need to look at the whole situation and his pattern of behavior.

Still, did she really need to call the cops? Did she go to the principal or parents first? Bringing in police to investigate this as if it's a crime seems overkill.

Maybe she was worried the kid would go home to mom and dad and talk about touching his teacher's woo-woo and then she'd be the one in trouble, so she called cops to preempt that kind of scenario. I feel so bad for teachers these days.

Do you think a kid grabbing an adult's vagina is cause for police intervention? Has your kid ever grabbed private body parts on strangers?


Image © Brigitte Sporrer/Corbis

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