Woman Has No Idea She's Pregnant Until Right Before She Delivers Twins

pregnant womanMost women experience the telltale signs of pregnancy early on: swollen, tender breasts, nausea, fatigue. Not so for Shelby Magnani. Last week, she walked into a clinic in Iowa complaining of a sharp pain on her left side, and it turned out she was 34 weeks pregnant -- with TWINS -- and had no idea. The surprises didn't end there.


Her babies were monoamniotic twins -- which means they share a single amniotic sac and placenta. It's something that affects less than 1% of all twins and the survival rate is just 50%. As soon as doctors confirmed the condition, they performed an emergency c-section.

Can you imagine how startling this entire situation was to Magnani and her fiance James Croskey? She goes to the doctor for a tummy ache and comes out the mother of twins. It's hard to wrap your head around, especially for those of us who have children and spent months planning and prepping for their arrival.

It's an unusual case, to be sure. Magnani experienced nothing most mothers-to-be do. She says she gained a little bit of weight (10-15-pounds), but that's it. She even had her period the entire time and took a pregnancy test a few months back but it was negative. (Apparently, those false negative results are more common than people think.) In fact, a 2001 study revealed that 1 in 2,455 women didn't know they were with child until they went into labor.

For Magnani, after the shock wore off, joy immediately set in. The new parents are both thankful and happy that the babies are fine. And -- to be frank -- this sounds like a pretty amazing pregnancy. I would wager that most women would love to go through those 10 months without a single symptom and end up with a healthy baby. I know I would.

How long did it take before you realized you were pregnant?


Image © HMH-Bilderwerk/Corbis

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