Dozens of Boys Dress as Girls to Protest Ridiculous School Policy (VIDEO)

The hallways in White Pass Junior and Senior High School in Randle, Washington, just got much more interesting. Dozens of students decided to cross-dress in support of two students who were asked to leave school when they showed up dressed as their favorite celebrities during Spirit Week, when the students were allowed to dress as a star. One boy came as Miss America, the other as singer Nicki Minaj. After the boys were told by the principal that their costumes were offensive and to either change clothes or go home, they took the obvious route and went home. That's when the kids decided to protest.


The next day, many of the students came to school dressed as the opposite sex in support of the boys. "I think it's really awesome that all the kids support me and support the decisions that I made," one of the boys, sophomore Mason Mudge, told USA Today.

Sounds like a pretty cool school. Not only were these boys not made fun of for their choice, but the student body decided to stand behind them. And you have to give some credit to the parents at home too, who must have helped hand over purses, lipstick, and high heels to boys who wanted to show their support by dressing as women.

Seriously, what is so offensive about two boys dressing as girls for Spirit Week? Didn't these administrators ever see Some Like It Hot? Or at least Bosom Buddies? Plus, how much more fun for the boys to dress like female celebs! Dressing like Beyonce = fun! Dressing like Tom Cruise? Erm, not so much.

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To its credit, the school says it should have handled things differently and didn't punish any of the kids who cross-dressed. In fact, rumor has it that the school's principal was seen in the hallway exclaiming, "Steve, you MUST tell me where you got those sparkly Louboutins!" Joooke.

Do you think the boys should have been told to go home?

Image USA Today

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