Woman Takes Fight Every Couple Has to Violent, New Heights (PHOTOS)

emma campbellIt's a fact of life -- couples fight over silly things. Among the many skirmishes? Whose turn is it to wash the dishes or take out the trash. And my favorite -- what temp the bedroom should be. In fact, that was the thing at issue when Emma Campbell viciously attacked her boyfriend over a blanket.


Apparently, the couple, who live in Florida, were in the midst of a breakup when they got into an argument over who could use the bed cover and about the air conditioning temperature. She is accused of scratching him up so badly, it left long, deep, red marks on his back, chest, and thigh. See below.

mccall's scratched back

While I totally understand her frustration, this reaction is more than a bit ridiculous. I don't know one couple who doesn't argue about the most comfortable sleeping temp. In fact, it's a constant debate in my own household (I like it chilly and my husband likes it toasty). Maybe I've been moved to ask him to sleep in the guest room or on the couch, but is this really worth erupting into violence?

Things got so loud that a neighbor called the cops. When they arrived, they found the couple still in the middle of the insane fight. Campbell was arrested and charged with battery causing bodily harm.

What silly fights do you and your boyfriend or spouse have?


Images via Deland Police Department

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