Women Attack School Bus Full of Children in Bizarre Road Rage Incident

school bus, road rageMost cases of road age involve one driver unleashing his unjustified fury on another. Though, a recent case in Philadelphia took the issue to a whole new and scary level. Armed with a baseball bat and mace, a group of women went after a school bus full of children.


The drama kicked off after the school bus carrying some teens stopped for a red light. At that point, the 14- and 15-year old passengers began yelling at an SUV full of women. “There was some verbal argument between the students on the bus as well as four occupants of the Chevy Tahoe,” said an investigator.

The women reportedly became so enraged, they pulled the car in front of the bus to prevent it from moving. That's when two of them exited their vehicle and began attacking the bus with a bat and mace. When a window was smashed, the broken glass cut and injured one student's wrist.

Once they were done, they women went back to the Tahoe and drove off. Crazy. Absolutely crazy. Now police are on the hunt for them. I have no doubt that whatever the kids were saying was incredibly rude and inappropriate. Let's be honest here, it's highly unlikely they were exchanging pleasantries. But these women went overboard. Despite what they may have said, they are children. Silly, immature children. To endanger them is completely uncalled for. Though, I bet they will think twice before disrespecting an adult again.

Do you think the students could have said something bad enough to deserve that attack?


Image © Tetra Images/Corbis

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