Family Freaks When They Receive Text Messages From Dead Grandma

text messageA message from the great beyond? That is what Sheri Emerson thought when she received a text message from her long-dead gran Lesley Emerson, who had been buried with her mobile phone.


Sheri's grandmother had died of bowel cancer in June 2011 but in an effort to still feel connected and comforted, she and her father John still texted her. The phone company had promised to never reassign the number. When Sheri sent a message last week telling her grandmother about family life she got the following reply:

I’m watching over you and it’s all going to get better. Just push through.

Not surprisingly, Sheri was shocked and actually felt a little ill. They sent her messages always knowing she would never actually reply ... that is, until she did. Could it really be her grandmother? Was this some sort of ghostly miracle?

Upset, she sent a text asking who sent the message. The response? "A disturbing vegetarian." She flipped and sent a nasty note. Turns out, some guy had been given gran's number after all. He thought his friends were playing a joke on him and apologized for the mix-up.

That did little to make Sheri and her father feel better. They were assured that number would be retired and they feel robbed of the ability to text gran.

“We are a big family of texters," said John. "If we ever fell out or have something to say, we’d always just send a message. That’s why we buried her with her phone. To think someone else now has our mam’s number is just awful. We can’t believe [the phone company] has done this."

Do you think it's strange to still text a deceased relative?


Image via © Lars Langemeier/A.B./Corbis

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