Teacher Beats Up Student in Hallway & It's All Caught on Camera (VIDEO)

Being a teacher must be one of the most difficult, frustrating jobs out there, especially these days, when teachers have essentially been stripped of their power to discipline students ... but dayum. One teacher at a Baltimore high school took her frustrations to a new level when she decided to, well, beat the crap out of an unruly student. And whole thing was caught on video by a student. (Of course it was!)


The video starts with the girl throwing a book at the teacher in the hallway. The teacher, who is wearing a white shirt and gray pants, basically snaps and attacks the girl. She throws punch after punch, while yelling:

I'll kill you in here ... what the fuck do you think this is.

Meanwhile, an unfortunate caught in the middle man keeps trying to break it up. The pugilistic teacher has several chances to walk away from the student but keeps going at her as if this is a street fight. At one point she runs after the student and slams her into the lockers. Check it out:

The teacher's aunt, Nikia Jones, fully admits her niece is a pain in the ass and has gotten into fights before but still criticizes the teacher:

You're supposed to be a role model to these children and you took your shoes off and physically was fighting her like you was outside on the street.

I do feel for this teacher. She is probably subject to all kinds of disrespect -- and having a book thrown at you can't be fun. Let's face it, teens can be bigger jerks than cats, for sure.

But you can't go around beating students up, no matter how much you'd like to. I'm sure parents would love to pound the crap out of their mouthy teenagers sometimes too, but if they can't do it, a teacher surely can't. Not only that, the teacher put other students at risk -- not to mention the poor guy in the middle who kept trying to bring peace.

The student was charged with assault and the teacher has been placed on leave pending an investigation. Hopefully that will give the teacher some much needed time to destress. She might want to rethink her career too.

What do you think of what the teacher did?


Image via Christopher Webb/Flickr

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