Little Girl Suspended for Hair That Turned Pink in Charity Race (VIDEO)

When a little girl takes it upon herself to do something charitable, she should be rewarded, right? But one little girl, Hailey Stone, who lives in Edna, Texas, was punished. Punished by her elementary school -- because she ran in a race for charity. During the race, bystanders throw colored dyes on the runners, and Hailey got a bit of pink in her hair that wouldn't come out. Her school, which has a policy against colored hair, overlooked the fact that the strands of pink hair were done for a good cause -- and suspended the pink-haired charitable-minded girl.


Hailey's mom, Carol, told ABC 6:

We didn't plan for her hair to be colored like that. It definitely wasn't done on purpose, so I didn't believe it was right for that to happen.

The by-the-book principal refuses to make an exception for Hailey though, despite her good works. Since pink hair is against school policy, Hailey will get suspended, end of story, he says.

Wow, talk about valuing the letter of the law over the spirit. Here is a little girl who could be learning how wonderful it feels to take part in a charitable event -- instead she is being punished for her good deed. Hailey's mom says she will have to take her kid out of school until the pink can be washed out. So now Hailey will be behind in her studies -- all because she did something good. Is anyone getting how totally messed up this is?

Sure, rules are rules for a reason, but when rules become more important than our basic humanity, it is time to rethink the rules.

Hailey did a good thing. The school should be praising her and hoping for more students like her. Not to mention you can hardly SEE the pink!

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Unfortunately, Hailey is learning an early lesson in small-minded bureaucrats. I guess the silver lining is that this incident will help prepare her for the working world!

Do you agree with the school?


Image via ABC6

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