Urine-Tossing Jerks Target Young Women in College Town

throwing urine

Here's the latest to add to the sick, sad human-being files: there are men driving around Austin throwing urine on unsuspecting women. Hard to believe, I know. Police are now on the hunt for these clearly disturbed creatures.


The men reportedly roam the streets of the college town in a Jeep that is outfitted with large tires and a lift kit looking for their victims. "They threw urine out of a bucket on me," said 22-year-old Maiya Johnson. Needless to say, the attack was devastating for the young student. Holding back tears, she ran home and called the police.

She wasn't the only person in the pee-bomber's cross-hairs. Leah McCaskill was walking with some friends when someone in a Jeep threw a two-liter bottle of urine at them. It was thrown with enough force to leave a bruise on one of the girls' arms. "I would not be surprised if this happened to multiple other women, and they just haven't reported it," she said. Sadly, she is probably right. It's a humiliating crime and something many might be too ashamed to share.

Cops think this is part of a bizarre and disturbing pattern. But why? Why would someone derive pleasure from something so weird and disgusting? What kind of person does this? And will this behavior evolve into a more heinous crime? Those questions have a lot of women on campus concerned. It's still unclear who is doing this or whether they think it is a harmless prank. However, it's a crime and a very disgusting one at that.

Why do you think someone is doing this?

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