Great-Grandmas Brawl in Hospital While Waiting for Grandchildren's Birth (VIDEO)

great grandmothers fightingWe all know that emotions can run high when you have a loved one in labor. You worry about the mother's health, the health of the baby, the recovery period, and much more. Though two women are accused of letting their feelings get the best of them at a Pittsburgh maternity ward. Police say two great-grandmothers got into a fist fight while awaiting the births of their great-grandchildren. And yes, it's as ridiculous as it sounds.


Shirley Irvin, 72, was waiting for her grandson's twins to be born when she had the run-in with Carole Alberts, the great-grandmother of the woman giving birth. According to the police, the elderly women exchanged words and then started to physically fight one another. The official complaint detailed that Alberts made a comment to her daughter about being worried about her great-grandbabies and something disparaging about the father. Irvin overheard the comment and then allegedly approached her, sparking an argument.

As Irvin reportedly lunged, Alberts' daughter stepped in and was punched in the head and her cochlear implant fell out. Now Irvin faces criminal charges at a time she should be celebrating the birth of her great-grandson.

There are just two words for a situation like this: HOT MESS! It's like they were reenacting a particularly heinous Jerry Springer episode. It's so sad that the birth of a baby could bring out the worst in these women. Alberts shouldn't have said something nasty about the father during such a tense time, and Irvin had no business resorting to physical violence. At their age, these women should really know better. It's quite shameful on both their parts.

Who do you think is more at fault for the fight?


Image via © Tom & Dee Ann McCarthy/CORBIS

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