10-Month-Old Baby Miraculously Survives 3 Days Under Dad's Dead Body

It's probably every parent's worst nightmare that you're alone with your young children when suddenly you die. What would happen to them? Are they old enough to get help? Would anyone come soon enough to make sure they don't go hungry? This is the horrific situation that reportedly happened to father Jason Fields, 43, who apparently died of a heart attack. At the time, he was alone with his 10-month-old daughter and 5-year-old son. It would be three days before anyone noticed that when Fields suddenly died, he fell on top of his baby, pinning her underneath his body.


Fields, who reportedly had a history of cardiac problems, was watching his two children while their mother was in jail on misdemeanor charges. Police say it looks like he died while he was sitting on his bed, and when he fell backward, he fell directly on top of his daughter

Because it appears he made no move to get off of her, authorities surmise that he died instantly.

Fortunately, he left enough room between her body and his that the little girl was able to breathe. She was not, however, able to get out from under her father. By the time she was found, his body was decomposing in the 100-degree Louisiana heat.

Unfortunately, no one seemed to notice that the man was missing for about three days. It's unclear when the man was found, but if the time frame included the weekend, it's not that unusual that no one noticed he was missing. Three days just isn't a very long time, and unless you have someone you speak to or see every single day, and not all of us do, it isn't that unheard of that this could happen. It's a good lesson to try to have someone you check in with regularly when you're caring for young children on your own.

Fortunately, the 5-year-old was finally able to reach a neighbor and tell him or her that he thought his daddy was dead. This is when help finally arrived.

It's unclear how the little boy survived for days in a home with no parent, but thank goodness he did.

The mom has been let out of jail early to care for her children.

What a totally traumatic incident for these children as well as the mom. Hopefully she is able to get some help caring for them.

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The good news is that the baby is fine and expected to make a full recovery -- quite a miracle! Perhaps the dad was "watching over" his kids when he unexpectedly passed on.

Do you ever worry about this scenario?


Image via Joe Shlabotnik/Flickr

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