Wife Forced to Make Shocking Confession When Baby Is Born With Dwarfism

A father in Spain was thrilled when his baby was born -- but minutes later he wasn't so thrilled when his wife broke down and confessed the baby wasn't his. Reportedly the woman, whose name wasn't released, was forced to fess up that she'd slept with another man at her bachelorette party. You see, it was fairly obvious the baby belonged to another man when the newborn didn't look at all like the husband -- but looked a lot like the stripper. Because both baby and stripper had dwarfism.


The Spanish website reported:

Neither her closest female friends or her family knew she had sex with the midget stripper but once she had her son in her arms, she broke down and confessed what had happened. As you can imagine, no one that sleeps with a stripper at her hen night broadcasts it or at least they try to take their secret to the grave. But the protagonist of this episode had no choice but to confess and could never have pretended the boy was her husband's because of a little problem -- the child was born with dwarfism.

Wow. What a way to get caught cheating! Of course, normal-sized people can give birth to dwarfs; however, it's probably rare.

You can only imagine the husband's shock when the baby he was convinced was his came out looking so different.

It's not reported whether or not the husband and wife will stay together after this, but it would be quite something if they did, wouldn't it?

On the other hand, at least the boy was born a dwarf so that the husband can make an informed decision as to whether or not he wanted to stay with his wife and remain in the child's life. It certainly wouldn't be fair if he thought the child was his and raised the child thinking that.

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Sometimes I think bachelor and bachelorette parties are a bad idea. I've heard too many stories of people getting crazy with their last moments of "freedom" and sabotaging their relationship. This is certainly one of the most jaw-dropping examples of that.

You couldn't make this stuff up, could you?

What do you think the husband should do?


Image via @ariel_m/Flickr

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