Cops Swarm School Over Bored Teacher's Stupid Text to His Wife

Ahh, text messaging. It has brought so much fun into our lives. Those cute little texts you can send your sweetie during the day can make the work hours that much more bearable. Until, you know, the police arrive. That's what happened to a teacher in Harlem, New York. The man, whose first name, Eric, is only given, was sitting in one of those deathly boring school meetings when he jokingly texted his wife, "Call in a bomb threat." Erm, yeah, apparently there are STILL people who joke about bomb threats!


Well, Mrs. Eric, panicking and thinking her husband was under attack at his school, dialed 911. Soon the police were on their way to investigate this bomb threat. Students' parents were alerted.

That's when Mrs. Eric took another look at her phone and saw those dreaded words:

Ha ha.

Realizing just NOW that her husband had been joking (because duh), she called the cops back and begged them not to go to the school, explaining it had just been a joke. Like I said, there are apparently still people who will joke about a bomb threat.

The police informed Mrs. Eric that they were obliged to check out ANY bomb threat, even if it was just a joke.

So they swarmed the school and spoke with Eric, who assured them it was just a little joke between him and the missus.

Satisfied there was no real threat to the school, the police retired to the nearest coffee shop to laugh at the stupid husband and wife and their dumbass texts. (That part is conjecture.)

Hmm. Seriously, people. You have to not only wonder about the husband here -- he is a school teacher! Joking about bombs! But the wife too. Why would she think that SHE would need to call in a bomb threat? She must have panicked.

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Anyway, folks, this is yet another lesson that some jokes are off-limits. Even between you and your honey. But if you insist on making ridiculous jokes that might get you into trouble, at least put the "ha ha" in the same text. Mmkay?

Would cops ever come if they saw some of your texts?


Image via Gwyneth Anne Bronwyn/Flickr

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