Man Spots Panhandler Driving Nice, New Car & Goes Ballistic (VIDEO)

We've all had that moment when we're confronted by a panhandler and wonder, "Should I give this person my money?" On the one hand, you want to help those less fortunate. But you also wonder if perhaps this person isn't really destitute and is just scamming you? There's really no way to tell unless you follow the person around, or you catch a beggar in a brand new car. Which of course wouldn't happen. Oh, wait, it did happen! Yep, a man who had been regularly doling out money to an elderly panhandler saw the woman get into a shiny, bright red Fiat. And he went ape.


Daniel Ayala approached the woman in Oklahoma City and let loose on her, ranting:

Listen, I work hard for my money. That’s why people like you take advantage of people like me. This is bullshit! ... I did not eat on Thursday to give you four dollars ... You drive a better car than me!

Apparently the man had given the woman at least $15 in the past week -- money he said he could have used to get to work. He then threatened that if he saw the woman in the car again, he would smash her window.

Witness Brandi Newman, who also was someone who had helped out the beggar in the past, began filming the scene when she recognized the panhandler get into the car. That's when Ayala confronted her.

Her video has since gone viral, racking up three million views on Facebook.

I don't blame this man a bit for his anger. I'll never forget one of my first encounters with scamming. A man approached me on a bridge in Washington, D.C. He was in a suit and carrying a suitcase. He said his car had just broken down and he had no money on him and he was desperately trying to get home. There were numerous holes in his story, but I was young and naive and gave him a dollar.

A week later, the same man rushed up to me, breathless, with the same story. I let him have it!

On the other hand, I have seen people who clearly have major issues -- probably mental illness -- that make them unemployable and I want to help them out. I figure anyone living on the streets needs my change more than I do. I've been fortunate in so many ways -- just the fact that I wasn't born with a mental illness makes me lucky. So I always try to give.

But I won't lie -- videos like this harden one's heart.

However, was this woman really scamming? What do we know about the car she's in? Maybe it's a family member's or friend's car. Maybe someone donated it to her. Remember the woman who drove a Mercedes but who was on food stamps? It looks like the woman is trying to explain something to the man, but we can't hear what. And whatever she's saying isn't calming him.

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The worst part of this video is that it may keep money from people who do truly need it. And that this good-hearted man has had his trust broken.

Have you ever felt scammed in this way?


Image via KFOR

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