Police Officer Fired for Not Helping Mom Whose Kids Had Been Kidnapped (VIDEO)

A Dallas police officer has been fired after dash cam video caught him driving by a woman who was pleading for help as her children had just been kidnapped. The cop, 28-year veteran Senior Cpl. Les Richardson, was on his way to a burglary in progress when a woman came running up to his car, screaming, "That’s him, that’s him, right there!" Despite the fact that a dispatch call had just gone out saying shots had been fired and a woman's car rammed right in the area Richardson was driving, he snaps, "Right here what, baby? I’m on a call," and takes off.


The man who abducted the woman's two children, Steven Douglas, was reportedly the woman's ex-husband. He had rammed her car and then taken her kids at gunpoint. Police were taken on a high-speed chase and eventually killed him. The two children were returned safely to their family.

The woman, seeing a police car, was under the impression the cop had come to help and ran up to him, but Richardson either thought the other call was more important, or hadn't heard the new dispatch call, or something. What is clear is that he didn't think stopping and listening to what the woman had to say was important.

It's possible that he is accustomed to people coming up to his car for non-emergencies, and that he just wasn't thinking, but that is really no excuse for calling a woman "baby" and taking off before listening to what's wrong.

He was officially fired for his "inappropriate" comment to the mom -- as well as for smoking in his car, which can be seen on the video.

Check out his reaction:

As a 28-year veteran perhaps he shouldn't have been fired over one mistake, but investigators obviously thought it was justified.

Sometimes cops do get two things going on at the same time, and you've got to be able to prioritize. Unfortunately, Richardson didn't do that. At least the children are okay.

Should he have been fired?


Image via Dallas Police

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