10-Year-Old Girl Stuck in Washing Machine Offers Fishy Explanation (VIDEO)

girl stuck in washing machineKids. They are an endless source of pride for parents ... but also plenty of embarrassing moments too. Just ask Diana Brown. Her 10-year-old daughter Dejannah got stuck in the washing machine and they had to call the fire department to get her out. The little girl claims it was an accident while she was simply taking out a load, but here's why we are not buying it.


She says that she was bending over the machine and then tumbled face first inside. Hmm. Something doesn't add up here. As per the photo above, this was not an oversized machine, certainly not big enough to easily tumble into. And if she went in head first, how in the world did she turn her whole body around inside that little cylinder?

She spent an hour this way. "I was scared at first, and then it started to get funny," the little girl told a reporter. The situation wasn't so funny to her mother. Brown certainly had a natural initial reaction. "We was pissed," she said. "We were like, 'How the hell are we gonna get her out of there?'" They couldn't. Dejannah was trapped. After a call to 911, the police and fire department arrived to save the day.

But while the child insists that she didn't do it on purpose, I find that hard to believe. I bet that after getting the order to remove the items from the machine, she got the bright idea to see if she could fit inside. That certainly isn't outside the realm of possibility for a 10-year-old. Kids do silly, nonsensical things all the time. However, we may be the only ones so skeptical.

Dejannah says she was so traumatized that she has learned one important lesson: "I'm never helping my mom with laundry ever again," she said. Though mom says she can at least keep working with the front-load dryer.

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Do you think Dejannah accidentally fell into the washing machine?

Image via CBS 2 New York

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