'5-Word Scary Stories' Take No Time to Spook You Silly

5 word scary stories
Reddit has an amazing thread happening today that's titled "Can you tell us a scary story in five words or less?" In terms of upsetting readers in just a few words, I didn't think anything could top the infamous line that's attributed to Ernest Hemingway, "For sale: baby shoes, never worn," but Reddit users have been doing a bang-up job of making the most of their assigned brevity.

I've pulled some of the best stories that have been posted so far, and added some creepy images just to heighten the yeesh factor. Turn on all the lights, lock the doors, and enjoy.


Living alone, toilet was warm.


Alone in bed. Blanket shifts.

You awoke suddenly, buried alive.

Just saw my reflection blink.

That door was just closed.

It enjoys watching you sleep.

You didn't kill that spider.

Gahhhhhhhh I'm sorry about that last one. What do you think of the five-word-story contributions?

Images via Flickr: soumya_p, sammcdaniel, jlmaverick, mikebrown, kaylahartmanphoto, alyssafilmmaker, the-wanderers-eye; Lionsgate

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