Snake Bites & Kills Chef 20 Minutes After Its Head Is Cut Off

A chef in China was preparing a soup that required a dangerous ingredient -- an Indochinese spitting cobra -- when the serpent attacked and killed him. But the craziest part: the venomous snake was able to do so 20 minutes after the man had severed the snake's head off.

Before cooking the five-foot snake, which is considered a healthy delicacy in Asia, Peng Fan decapitated it, but waited 20 minutes before throwing its head into a trashcan. The next thing diners overheard were loud screams coming from the kitchen.


Because of the cobra's reflexes, which can go on for about an hour after its death, its severed head was able to bite into the chef's skin and inject him with a flesh-killing, neurotoxic venom. Diners reportedly called for a doctor to help Fan, but by the time one arrived, he had already died.

A police spokesman says this was a really unfortunate accident and that the chef had a severe reaction to the bite. Typically, snake bite victims will be given an anti-venom serum, but Fan died before he could receive it.

Personally, I had no idea snakes were capable of killing long after they died. I feel so sorry for this man and his family. He was only doing his job and trying to bring good food and joy to others. How tragic -- and frightening.

Did you know snakes could kill after they were decapitated?


Image via Russ Bowling/Flickr

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