Man Goes to Appalling Extreme to Get Out of Getting Married

tucker blandford and alex lanchesterLike the old song says, breaking up is hard to do. Apparently Tucker Blandford (yes, really) was not familiar with this particular oldie. Rather than manning up and ending things with his 23 year-old girlfriend Alex Lanchester, Tucker did something truly reprehensible -- he called Alex and, pretending to be his father, said that "Tucker" had died

Yeah. I know, right? But it gets even better (clearly by better here, I mean worse). There are one million terrible versions of his own demise that Tucker could have conjured to deliver to Alex. He decided the "best" option was to tell her that he threw himself in front of a car because he was feeling depressed. Let's hear a slow-clap for the world's worst human being, yes? Yes. 

Because his fiance is not the monster Tucker is, she didn't just hang up the phone and go about her business. She called back later to express her condolences. That's when she found out Tucker was alive, a liar, and no longer her soon-to-be husband.


Breaking up with someone is never easy, but good god it doesn't have to be a veritable soap opera where you fake your own death! What a cruel thing to do to a person you (supposedly) cared for at one time, whatever your feelings might be now. Alex had to have her heart broken twice -- once when the man she loved she believed to be dead, and then again when she found out how desperately he lied to her. 

Tucker was stupid, yes, and totally cruel. Now if I can get on my high-horse for a minute, he was also (whether he knew it or not) doing harm on a much greater scale. While it is much more understood now, Depression is still a maligned illness. "Pretending" to be suicidal and depressed makes light of a mental illness that doesn't need anymore negative press. 

To date, Tucker STILL hasn't spoken to Alex to explain himself. He texted her. Which, you know, given his track record is only mildly appalling -- it's not exactly a surprise that he would lack the backbone to apologize to her voice to voice, never-mind in person. We may not know what Tucker's deal is, but of one thing I think it's safe to say we can be absolutely certain: Alex can do SOOOOO much better!

What's the worst way you've ever been dumped?


Image via sailor_coruscant/Flickr

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