UFO Sighting in Houston May Finally Prove We Aren't Alone (PHOTOS)

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Have you ever wondered if we're alone in the universe? No need to wonder any longer. Houston, Texas, residents have spotted a UFO. You know, an unidentified flying object. The kind like ET, Alf, or (God forbid) the freakish Alien Sigourney Weaver did battle with a million times. Skeptical? Check out the photographs!


Maybe it's the X-Files fan in me, but I totally believe this is a sign of alien life. Several people posted photos of the bright, round aircraft that appeared in the night sky. See for yourself.


Pretty convincing evidence, right?

Though I have to wonder why most UFOs tend to be round in shape. Why is that aerodynamically superior than a pointed aircraft? But I digress. I know there will still be a lot of skeptics out there, but the universe is an unimaginably huge place. How could we be the only living beings out in it? Seriously!

If the scientists at NASA can build spaceships that land on other planets, why can't another species? Sure, it's a scary thought, especially if we don't know what capabilities other planets have, but it's certainly an exciting notion. Perhaps they will have cures for diseases we have yet to treat successfully or maybe even a clean source of energy. The possibilities are endless ... as long as they are not of the War of the Worlds variety!

Do you think there are aliens?


Images via © Gordon Scammell/LOOP IMAGES/Loop Images/Corbis; Rain/Twitter; Carley/Twitter

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