Video of 'Alien' Walking on Moon Goes Viral (WATCH)

the moonDo you believe?!? Maybe after seeing this, you will. Last month, a photo came out that showed some kind of mysterious shadowy figure on the surface of the moon. Because information is exchanged so quickly and freely thanks to the Internet, everyone who saw it immediately formed their own (rather interesting) opinions about it. 

Apparently a YouTube user called "Wowforreeel" looked at the figure using Google Moon, images that NASA lets the public view for free (how nice of them!). Now it could be some sort of random shadow or glitch or any number of natural things, but what fun is that? Take that hit of acid and come along to see what the crazy Internet conspiracy theorists have come up with.


First, you must check out this video:

Now ... what the hell was that thing?! A ghost? An alien? Bigfoot? A trick of photography? Some sort of shadow from a crater? The spirit of Neil Armstrong? The Examiner says, while looking at this video, common sense is highly overrated. Let's have some fun:

Of course, the shadow might be explained in a number of ways, particularly as a trick of light or a camera lens glitch.

But, if those explanations are ruled out, it still leaves the question of what this object is, since it appears to be rising a great distance from the surface of the Moon.

Here is a screenshot if you want a closer look with some pretty impressive descriptors:

alien on moon

The Daily Mail and Wowforreeel believe it could an alien forming its own shadow. Okay, okay, so The Daily Mail also said, "However, the most likely explanation for the sighting is a psychological phenomenon called Pareidolia, which is the brain's response to seeing faces and other significant objects in random stimulus." That's not exactly as thrilling as OMG IT'S AN ALIEN!!

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But Tom Rose, a paranormal explainer, wrote in The Examiner that the figure appears to be what The Colossus of Rhodes is thought to have looked like before it was destroyed by an earthquake in 226 BC.

The Colossus of Rhodes

Ummmm, yeah, okay, really? Would love to know what Tom was on whenever he came up with that.

Anyway, in case you were wondering about the photo's authenticity, Wowforreeel told UFO Sighting Daily, "At first I thought maybe it was something drawn into the picture, but after going to Google Moon, whatever it is or isn't ... uh, is there."

Thanks for that brilliant insight! Well, who cares what this is, this is actually pretty fun, considering all the other messed up crap going on here on Earth. Let's hope Bigfoot has a good view of our pretty planet from that vantage point. Who could it possibly be? And where are the footprints? Why doesn't that shadow match up with the angle of all the others? The mystery deepens ... seriously, we could go on all freakin' day about this one.

What do you think this is??


Images via Frode Steen/Wikimedia; wowforreeel/YouTube

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