Crazy 'Twister' Forms in Middle of City Park, Hipsters Freak Out (VIDEO)

Brooklyn hipsters were treated to a strange sight when what appeared to be a small tornado whipped up on a sandy baseball diamond. Bystanders gawked, laughed, and some even ran (probably after dropping their cans of Pabst) as the brown twister snaked its way from the diamond to the sky. "What is that?" one onlooker can be heard while the bizarre sight is caught on camera. What it is, say experts, is a freak and fairly rare dust devil.


Dust devils are only formed under perfect conditions. Wikipedia describes the phenomenon as a "strong, well-formed, and relatively long-lived whirlwind." They form under sunny, dry weather and aren't nearly as devastating as tornadoes, though they look similar. In fact, dust devils are kinda cute. Check it out:

Dust devils can mostly be found in areas where there are desert-like conditions, and that is not hipsterville Brooklyn. However, the baseball diamond, combined with the no wind and cool atmospheric temps, led to the formation of this perfect little devil.

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What a hip devil it was!

Have you ever seen a dust devil?

Image via A Nyugen/YouTube

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