EMTs Smash Car Window to Save Baby But Soon Regret It (VIDEO)

There is nothing, absolutely nothing, funny about a child being left in a locked, hot car. Except this time. Emergency medical technicians in Hoboken, New Jersey responded to a 911 call about a child being left in a car, and arrived on the scene to see a baby strapped in a carrier, looking distressed, with the parents nowhere in sight. So they did what they had to do. They smashed the SUV's windows open and grabbed the baby, ready to perform emergency services. Only, it was too late. The baby was completely lifeless. In fact, it never had any life to begin with. Because it was a doll named "Todd."


Todd, wearing a little blue suit and hat, had his eyes closed and was strapped in the back of an SUV. EMTs had a "split second" to decide what to do -- so they smashed the window to save the baby doll.

Realizing their mistake, the chagrined ambulance personnel hung around until the owner returned. Her response? "Oh, no. My car!" Sheesh, no concern for Todd?!

Apparently SUV owner Kitty Mieles' 2-year-old granddaughter had left Todd perched in the seat and Kitty had failed to notice it. Good thing Todd wasn't real.

The city has agreed to pay to have the window replaced -- which is far beyond the call of duty. Hey, here's a thought. Don't leave lifeless looking baby dolls in your back seat. Sheesh.

The crew also says they are taking a "beating" by their coworkers, who think the whole thing is pretty funny. But really, they did the right thing. How were they supposed to know? Todd looks pretty convincing!

All right, everyone. Brand new lesson here today. Keep your kids' dolls out of your cars when you're not in them, ermkay?

Have you ever thought that a doll in a car might be mistaken for a kid?

Image via LuvLuv/YouTube

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