Thoughtful Flight Attendant Warns Passengers to Flush Drugs Before Landing

JetstarI love it when a flight attendant goes out of their way to make air travel less intolerable. (Like, for instance, Marty Cobb, the Southwest Airlines employee whose safety speech is so entertaining, it's gone viral on YouTube.) I've had awesome flight attendants tell me what sights to see in the city I'm traveling to, prompt me to order a drink before they put away the cart for good, and offer me extra snack packages, but I can't say I've ever been warned to flush my illegal drugs before landing.

Apparently that's exactly what happened on an Australian Jetstar airline recently, when an attendant issued a public announcement that passengers might want to flush "anything you shouldn’t have” down the toilet, since drug sniffing dogs were waiting at the terminal.

The kicker? The plane was full of "Splendour in the Grass" musical festival-goers, and thus the attendant's warning sparked a mad rush for the lavatories.


According to Sydney's Daily Telegraph, the flight attendant got on the PA system before landing and said, "We have been told there are sniffer dogs and quarantine officers waiting in the domestic terminal. If you need to dispose of anything you shouldn't have, we suggest you flush it now."

Witnesses claim several passengers instantly made their way to the bathrooms, some "clenching unidentified items." Heh.

I think this employee seems like a very nice person, but the airline isn't quite so thrilled with his thoughtful gesture. Jetstar has stated that it's addressing the matter with the (still unidentified) attendant, and that they're sorry for any offense taken:

The crew member's words were poorly chosen and are plainly at odds with the professional standards we'd expect from our team. We apologize to customers offended by the comments.  

Passengers have since weighed in on the incident via Jetstar's Facebook page, with some complaining ("I was shocked. Why would you tip people off about this?") and others suggesting the employee get a raise or promotion ("Awesome job ... more of that kind of customer service is needed").

Personally, I really hope the employee doesn't lose their job over this, because it seems like a harmless piece of friendly advice ... albeit for people who should frankly know better than to smuggle drugs onto a plane.

What do you think should happen to this flight attendant?

Image via cricru/Flickr

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