Spooky Porcelain Dolls Left in Front of Homes of Tween Girls They Resemble

Out of all of the toys in our kids' collection, dolls can often be the creepiest. And we have it easier now than our grandparents did because those old-timey porcelain dolls, though made with an impressive amount of care and love, looked like they were thinking of murder at all times.

So it's no wonder why several families in California flipped out when they opened their front doors and found porcelain dolls sitting at their doorstep, just staring at at them. Hmm, that's odd, they probably thought.

Now imagine what went through their minds when they got a closer look and realized the dolls looked exactly like their tween daughters.


At least eight families in the Talega community of San Clemente, all of whom had girls who were about 10 years old, received the mystery gift -- or horror movie-style threat, they didn't know which -- and couldn't believe how closely their doll resembled their daughter. Families began filing reports about them on June 16, and more than a month later, police still had no idea where the dolls came from.

Cops say they tried to link the families and see if there was any connection. In some cases, the girls attended the same school, but that wasn't true across the board. A few of the families had simply never met and everyone was shocked when they learned they weren't the only ones getting the eerie-looking dolls.

Well, there's good news here, folks -- maybe you'll be able to sleep better after knowing that police have solved this mystery. A woman who attends the same church as many of the families who were given dolls reportedly admitted that she left them out of "goodwill" and that she intended her gift to be nothing more than a "sweet gesture." Cops say the investigation is officially over and out.

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This woman's drop-off method certainly needs some polishing, I agree. But if a sweet older woman who attended my church took it upon herself to craft a doll that looks like my daughter, I would be touched. Okay, it doesn't actually say whether she made the dolls, but I'm just going to assume she did because if she didn't -- if she went scouring through flea markets to find dolls that looked identical to these girls -- well, then I really wouldn't be able to sleep tonight.

For now, I'll stick with believing this was nothing more than an adorable act of kindness.

How would you have reacted if you received one of these dolls?


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