Elementary School Teacher Hoarded 400 Pythons in His ‘House of Horrors’ (VIDEO)

pythonEven if you like snakes, it's doubtful you would be okay with a neighbor like William Frederick Buchman. The elementary school teacher was sentenced to three years probation for keeping more than 400 snakes in his California home. The scene was so disturbing, a spokesperson from the Animal Services Division called it a "House of Horrors."

Though why he kept the snakes is just as creepy as the fact that he did.


Authorities say the man suffered from severe depression, and after his mother died, he began collecting the snakes in his grief. He and his mother were reportedly very close and bonded over their love of the reptiles. 

He was arrested after a neighbor called police to complain about the bad odor coming from his house. When cops arrived, they received quite a shock -- 400 ball pythons stored all over the house and some just slithering around. They say that around 280 were dead or dying. So not only was he a snake hoarder, he was a neglectful pet owner.

In addition to probation, he was ordered to attend a 16-week animal neglect prevention program, banned from owning an animal for five years, and must pay $17,000 in vet expenses for the snakes. It certainly seems like a fair punishment for the crime. However, if I were his neighbor, that wouldn't likely bring me any peace of mind. How do authorities know they got all the pythons? What if several got free? What if they got into the sewage system? There have been tons of stories about poor, unsuspecting people finding snakes in their toilets. And what if some are burrowing in someone's junky garage? Such a terrifying thought.

Have you ever had a neighbor with a creepy pet?


Image via angela n/Flickr

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