Deadly Hail Storm Terrorizes Beachgoers in Middle of Sunny Day (VIDEO)

Mother Nature can be moody, and nothing proves it more than this video. A camera captured sunbathers lounging on the beach in 90-degree temps when suddenly, out of nowhere, a freak hail storm with golf ball-sized chunks of ice came raining down from the sky as the bathers screamed and ran for cover.


It happened in Novosibirsk, Siberia. Bathers seeking coolness from the sizzling temps were having fun and relaxing one minute, when you can begin to see the skies darken and the wind whipping up. The bathers begin moving their towels and casually heading for cover when, out of nowhere, the huge hail stones start pelting them.

"If we die, I love you!" one terrified woman is heard to scream. Bathers are seen desperately huddled under a beach umbrella (made of metal -- possibly for times such as this!). Another guy cowers under his towel.

Check out the video:

Wow, this is really crazy weather. Only ... not so crazy. As strange as it seems, hail is normally made in summer, due to the hot temps on the Earth's surface but cold temps above the clouds. In fact, hail is pretty frequent in Eastern Europe, where this video took place.

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Reportedly, two children died in this hail storm when a tree fell on the tent they were covering in. It's rare to die from hail stones themselves -- only three people have been killed by actual hail in the United States. However, in 1932, 200 people were said to have been killed by a fierce hail storm in China, though it's unclear how many were killed by the stones. Typically, hail stones are a couple of inches wide, but they can grow up to eight inches or so.

One thing is certain -- hail is damn freaky. Especially at the beach.

Have you ever been in a hail storm?


Image via Siberian Times/YouTube

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