Man on Restroom Break Finds Terrifying Surprise in Office Toilet

toiletWillie Harris of Hueytown, Alabama was in for a total shock when he went to use the bathroom at the construction company where he works.

When the man went in to use the toilet, he was totally surprised to see what was waiting there for him -- something slimy, something scary, and something that is potentially deadly!

What did he find in the loo?


He found a snake! At first he thought it was fake and a workplace prank ... then he saw it move.

Not only was the snake VERY real, but it was a cottonmouth of the huge and venomous variety.

He, understandably, freaked.

After his shocking discovery, he told his supervisor, who promptly called 9-1-1. The police arrived after being warned of the size and danger of the reptile. Officer Alice Thompson came to the rescue using police batons and sturdy gloves to grab and restrain the snake while two deputies "huddled in the corner."

When Harris witnessed her fearless snake handling, he simply said, "She crazy."

Officer Thompson then carried the snake to her patrol car and the officers drove the snake back to the wild where it was safely released.

I don't know about you, but I would SO totally freak if I went to use the bathroom and found a snake, venomous or otherwise. And what is creepier is that people keep on finding snakes in random places lately! Last month a couple found a python under their couch cushions, and back in May, a woman found a 12-FOOT SNAKE in her bathroom. Seriously, are the snakes taking over?

Have you ever found a snake in a place you'd never expect?


Images via; Hueytown Police Department/Facebook

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