Football Player Gives His 1st Class Seat to a Marine But It May Have Been a Hoax

DeAngelo WilliamsTraveling steerage economy class definitely sucks. I hear tales of days when air travel was a luxurious experience for all, but I think they're tall tales. There's no way this was ever "fun." It's a convenience to travel across the country in a matter of hours instead of months in a covered wagon, but aside from not dying of dysentery, it's probably about as comfortable.

Which is why it's so nice when people with means to have upgraded seats give them up for servicemen. Carolina Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams did just that on Tuesday, but because no good deed goes unpunished, it turns out the Marine he gave his first-class seat to may have been a fake.


The football player posted this on his social media, obviously excited about the opportunity to do a good deed.

Unfortunately, it turns out that man may be an imposter -- as quickly pointed out by several of Williams' followers, the uniform is all "messed up." There are allegedly medals out of order, impossible combinations of honors (like a bronze star and Purple Heart without a combat action ribbon), and the most simply telling tell -- he's wearing his cover indoors.

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Welp, that's unfortunate if it is indeed a case of stolen valor, but Williams' move was still super sweet. It's nice to know that there are still decent people among the rich and famous who don't mind sacrificing for those who sacrifice for their country.

Do you think this was a class act regardless of whether the Marine was fake or not?


Image via kevin 813/Flickr

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