Groom Demands Divorce on His Wedding Night & We Can’t Blame Him

cake topperI have heard of couples who've had bad wedding nights, but this takes the cake. A groom demanded a divorce from his bride hours after getting married, even before they consummated the union. The reason? He received a note telling him to look at the pictures stored in a memory stick that was hidden in a bouquet. And what did these photos reveal?


His wife was shown in a compromising position with her ex.

Apparently, days earlier, his wife's former lover had tried to use the photos to blackmail her into staying with him. When that failed, he decided to give the groom the shock of his life. He found out where the wedding was being held, bought the bouquet of flowers, hid the flash drive inside, and had someone pass it to the groom. 

The images were just too much for the new husband to bear. The nationalities of the couple are unclear, but the wedding took place in Kuwait. The shame of what his wife had done was unforgivable in this man's eyes. The next morning, he went to his cleric telling him he wanted out of the marriage.

What a devastating blow to that couple. What should have been the start of a wonderful relationship ended in hurt and scandal. Some may think the groom acted too rashly, but I can certainly understand his confusion and pain. Perhaps those images confirmed that she had been cheating on him. Or maybe he expected her to be more chaste than she actually was. Bottom line is he felt lied to and deceived. That is no way to start a marriage. And of course our hearts go out to that poor woman as well. Those close to the couple said that she just wanted to move on with her life, marry a good man, and have children. Her ex ruined it all. 

Do you think the groom was justified in demanding a divorce?


Image via Catherine/Flickr

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