Family’s Nightmare Nanny Refuses to Leave Their Home

signThere is no shortage of nightmare nanny stories out there, but what's happening to the Bracamontes family is among the most bizarre. After being fired, their  live-in refuses to leave. She literally won't leave the house and there is little they can do about it.


Marcella and Ralph Bracamonte say things started off well with 64-year-old Diane Stretton, the live-in nanny they found on Craigslist to take care of their three little children. She seemed doting and accompanied the parents on outings to help out."The first few weeks she was awesome," said Marcella. But things abruptly changed.

"All of the sudden, she stopped working," said the mom. "She would stay in her room all day and only come out when food was ready." However, when they told her she was being let go, she refused to leave. They called the police, but were told it was a civil rather than criminal matter because no one had been harmed. But that is exactly what these parents fear may happen. To them, Stretton's behavior has been so strange and erratic that they are afraid of what she may do. She only comes out of her room to eat their food and occasionally threaten to sue them from wrongful firing and elder abuse.

Now, their only solution is to evict her, which isn't a swift process. There is paperwork and possible court appearances to contend with. News like this comes as a shock to most parents who think that if a nanny isn't working out, she would simply leave. Perhaps in anger, but still leave none the less. It must be terrifying and infuriating for them to have this woman in their home that refuses to go.

How do you think you would react in this situation?


Image via Mike Reid/Flickr


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