Veteran Fired From Restaurant for Being Too Nice (VIDEO)

A 73-year-old Vietnam veteran lost his job for being a nice guy. That's the story from Joe Koblenzer, who says he was fired from his job at Cracker Barrel in Venice, Florida, after he gave a hungry, homeless man a muffin. Joe has worked at the Cracker Barrel for three years, supplementing his Social Security checks. It all came to an end when he says a guy who looked homeless came in and asked for some condiments for a fish he was going to cook.


Joe told WWSB:

He looked a little needy. He asked if I had any mayonnaise and some tarter sauce. He said he was going to cook a fish. I got it for him. As I walked out I put a corn muffin in.

The general manager apparently saw him do it, called him into his office, and terminated him.

Joe says he had been written up twice before -- once for the egregious crime of having a soda on the job. Another time for the heinous crime of paying for a cup of coffee for a woman.

Joe, I see what the problem is here. You are too nice to work at these minimum-wage establishments. You have too much humanity about you.

Perhaps it is the restaurant's rules not to give out free food -- understandable, they have to make billions for their shareholders and CEOs whilst paying their workers barely enough to live on -- however, couldn't the manager have just given him a warning? Or, even better, some freaking understanding?! What is happening to this world? We wonder why we're all running around killing each other -- our very humanity is being sucked out of us bit by bit.

Our bosses essentially tell us, "To work here, you can't be human. Take your soul and leave it at the door." Well, don't be surprised when someone forgets to pick it up at the end of the day!

And this is a guy who fought for our country. He shouldn't even have to be working at his age -- let alone getting fired for being a decent human being.

Cracker Barrel released a statement saying that Joe had violated their draconian rules five times. Then it coyly pays tribute to his service for his country. Puhlease.

I sincerely hope that Joe finds a new job that appreciates his big heart.

Image via WWSB

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