3 Friends 'Possessed' While Playing With Ouija Board Rushed to Hospital (VIDEO)

Be careful with those Ouija boards, y'all. You could end up in the hospital with them, and not because one falls on your foot. But because when you play with spirits, you might regret it. The Ouija board (most awesome invention EVER -- a freaking BOARD. That's it!) has been around for decades, and millions of people believe it can call up spirits. Most people who play with it just end up going, "Did it move? I thought I felt it move. You? No? Maybe I'm imagining it," but three friends who were playing with the board while visiting Mexico ended up with more than they bargained for -- full-on spectral possession! Supposedly.


Alexandra Huerta, 22, brother Sergio, 23, and an 18-year-old cousin named Fernando Cuevas were reportedly tinkering with the mystical board when Alexandra went into a "trance-like state" and began "thrashing around" and "growling."

The other two fared even worse, they supposedly began experiencing hallucinations, deafness and blindness.

Alexandra's parents finally called police, and paramedics arrived. The three were treated with painkillers, anti-stress medications and eye drops. And luckily someone was there to record it all on video! Check it out:

After being treated with painkillers, anti-stress meds, and eye drops, the three were as good as new. So it couldn't have been a really big demon. Maybe like a baby demon. Otherwise, I'm thinking someone would have levitated and eventually the priest would have come in. (The parents called the priest first, but he declined the on-the-spot exorcism.)

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Personally, I can't make an assessment as to whether the trio were really possessed, however, people can really convince themselves of things, that's for sure. Whether they were or not, they seem to think they were.

Do you believe in possession?


Image via Maarten Heerlien/Flickr

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