Couple Finds Something MUCH Scarier Than Crumbs Under Couch Cushions

couchDuring a fit of spring cleaning, I recently tidied up under my couch cushions. I found a variety of things: coins, hair ties, Monster High heels, and an entire box of raisins.

You know what I did not find? Something as absolutely terrifying as what one couple in Long Island found under theirs. 


It was a snake! That's right, and not just any snake. They found -- get this -- a THREE-FOOT PYTHON.

Yes, that happened.

Peter Wang and his wife were cleaning their new apartment when they lifted up their couch cushions. And right there, under the cushions, was a live snake. They did the right thing; they called animal control who came and removed the creature without incident. They believe that the snake belonged to the previous tenant.

Although a python is non-venomous, seeing a large snake in your home is quite the surprise. On the bright side, I guess, they found it while cleaning instead of having it slither out while they were sitting down watching TV.

And you know what's crazy? Just last month a mom found a 12-FOOT SNAKE in her bathroom. I hope this isn't some wacky revenge of the reptiles (note to self -- don't watch Snakes on a Plane anytime soon).

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I have NO idea what I would do if that happened to me, all I know is that my first reaction would be to scream and scream LOUD. And my kid? She would probably want to keep it. The girl loves her snakes!

What would you do if you found a random snake in your house?

Image via Kelly Sikkema/Flickr

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