Innocent Mom Spends 5 Weeks in Jail Because She Has the Wrong Name

Imagine you're just a mom, going on about your daily business, when cops show up at your door. They accuse you of crimes you've never heard of, then put you in the backseat of their police car, and drive you to jail. There, you stay for five weeks despite having no idea what is going on and sure you are not the person they want. But no one will believe you. In fact, the day you get into court to prove that you are innocent -- they arrest you again! Yep, this is the story of Ashley Nicole Chiasson, an innocent Florida mom who is suing the police department after they picked her up for crimes that someone named Ashely Odessa Chiasson committed. You have to wonder what Jane Smith goes through!


Ashley Chiasson spent four weeks in jail before she was able to convince police that they had the wrong woman. On the day she appeared in court to have her charges dropped -- well, that sounded too good to be true, didn't it? So they reportedly arrested her again on different charges she didn't commit! She spent another week in jail.

While behind bars, the mom says she lost her home and her job, and her boyfriend and mother were suddenly thrust into the position of caretakers for her 12-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son.

Meanwhile, cops finally arrested the other Ashely Chiasson, and reportedly she admitted to the crimes. Thank goodness Chiasson wasn't arrested on murder charges!

There is such a thing as identification, fingerprints, birth certificates, photos! What the hell went on here? The police admit a mistake was made and apologized, but didn't say what happened. In fact, they only apologized after the media began poking around. Guess they were just hoping they could be all, "Our bad," and she'd be all, "No probs!"

But this isn't the first time Clay County cops have made this mistake -- last August they reportedly arrested the wrong Cody Williams, and he spent 35 days in jail on sexual battery charges he never committed.

The thing that's scary is now Chiasson's mugshot is all over the Internet. Anyone doing a search on her name will find her mugshot, never mind that she didn't commit the crime. How'd you like to have to explain that to potential employers?

This is why you give your kids a weird name, folks.

Do you ever worry about this happening to you?


Image via © Nathan Griffith/Corbis

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