Parents of 3 Kill Each Other in Head-On Crash While Driving Separate Cars

There's no better word to describe this story than tragic -- plain and simple. Cristina Munoz and Nicolas Cruz were the parents of three children. They had just tied the knot, were young, and were working hard to provide for their family. But the Texas newlyweds had their lives cut short -- and left their children without a mom and dad -- when the two died in a horrific head-on crash with each other while driving in separate cars.


Munoz, 26, and Cruz, 31, were both employed by the Mahard Egg Farm but reportedly worked different shifts. They needed to use their cars during work hours. The accident took place in the morning after Munoz reportedly drifted in her Saturn across an unmarked country road by their workplace and smashed head-on into her husband's Mazda pickup.

Police say the vehicles were so badly destroyed that the couple had to be extricated from the cars using special tools.

We don't know a whole lot yet about the circumstances surrounding the accident -- did Munoz drift across the road because she was tired? What were the couple's working hours and did this come into play here? But investigators are saying that speed and the "layout of the road," which includes a hill crest, may have something to do with causing the accident.

This is such an incredibly dreadful yet random and bizarre tragedy. I've heard of parents who make it a rule to never travel together if they can help it because they don't want to risk getting into an accident and being injured together. So the fact that this happened while Munoz and Cruz were in separate vehicles is just too sad to contemplate.

No child should have to deal with the sudden death of both of his parents, and we can only hope this couple's three children are surrounded by loving relatives who will help them during this time.

Do you and your husband make it a point to travel separately because you fear getting into an accident and both being injured?


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