Man Who Drove Cross Country With Girlfriend’s Corpse Is a True Romantic

On the outset, this story sounds incredibly bizarre. A 62-year-old man drives across the country with his dead girlfriend in the passenger seat. Creepy, right? Maybe even criminal. But wait until you hear his reason. Your opinion just might change.


Pardon the expression, but love drove him to do it. Ray Tomlinson was driving his mother and girlfriend from Arizona to Michigan when his 31-year-old lady love suddenly died. He thought of reporting her death while on the road, but he couldn't bear the thought of leaving her body behind at some cold morgue or hospital in a random city, so he kept going.

There she sat in the passenger seat with her sunglasses on ... dead. Thinking he had 48 hours to report her death, he didn't worry about any legal ramifications. He was intent on getting her home.

You are probably wondering how she died. Don't worry, police do not suspect foul play. The woman, a former drug addict reportedly with a history of health and emotional problems, was on a slew of medications, including OxyContin. Tomilson fears that she may have accidentally overdosed during the trip.

He reportedly drove her for some 26 hours after she took her last breath. When he did get her to Michigan, authorities say that her body was in bad shape because the van didn't have air conditioning. What Tomilson did will sound crazy to most and, in may ways, it is. But he says he cared for her too much to leave her behind.

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