3-Year-Old Boy May Have Identified His Own Killer from Past Life

Do you believe in reincarnation? If not, you may after this story. A 3-year-old boy reportedly solved his own murder. You read that right. The young boy, who lived on the border between Syria and Israel, reportedly told people that he was killed with an axe. He then found a body, buried in a grave. And then he pointed out his murderer, who admitted to the crime.


The story is recounted in a book about reincarnation, and it takes place in a village whose religious and social community, Druze, believes in reincarnation, much like the Christian community believes in heaven. Still, few people who "come back" from heaven have such proof. The boy reportedly had the following:

- He was born with a red birthmark on his forehead. As soon as he was old enough to talk, he pointed to it and said he'd been killed with an axe.

- The boy led village elders to a grave, where they dug and found a skeletal body.

- The boy remembered his past life name, and it was the name of a man who had gone missing four years earlier.

- He then led them to the axe, the weapon. (How did he know where the killer stashed it? Ack, why am I asking questions?!)

- The boy remembered the name of the killer. When questioned, the man initially denied it, but then subsequently confessed.

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The entire thing was witnessed by a German therapist, who was not part of the village and did not believe in reincarnation. Guess he probably changed his mind after this!

And if it didn't really happen like this, well, it would still make a damn fine episode of CSI.

Do you believe in reincarnation?


Image via Kevin Dooley/Flickr

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