Widowed Mom Has Surprising Encounter With Woman Who Killed Her Husband (VIDEO)

Could you forgive the person who killed your husband and left you with a traumatic brain injury that meant you could no longer work or live on your own? Honestly, that is a very tough one. I'm not sure that I could. But 32-year-old Sandra Walker did exactly that. She walked into an Atlanta courtroom, where Tamara Matthews was being sentenced for the accident that took Walker's husband and father of her children from her, and hugged the woman and told her she was forgiven.


Matthews was sentenced to 36 months probation for the accident that killed Glen Walker and injured Sandra so badly that she needed to relearn how to speak and walk. The Walkers' two young children were also in the vehicle, but survived.

Walker is now a young widow with two young children, and with severe brain trauma she must struggle with for the rest of her life, and yet she told the woman who caused all of this:

I have no anger or angst towards you.

Walker sounds like an amazing woman, but it does kind of make you wonder if the brain trauma is talking too. Walker said she has no memories of the accident, nor her last days with her husband. On the other hand, she's probably just an astonishgly forgiving woman who understands that the woman who hurt her is also hurting. The woman caused the death of her own 16-year-old son too.

Walker says she never wanted jail time for Matthews, who will have to do 500 hours of community service. Perhaps she will be better off trying to help others. It's unclear why she drove across the center line and caused so much pain and misery.

Walker must know she needs to forgive to be able to move on for her own sake, and for that I applaud her. I think she's an incredibly strong woman.

Could you forgive?

Image via WSB-TV

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