Neighborhood Haunted by Serial Pooper -- And It's NOT a Dog

House With White Picket FenceYou know how annoying it is when someone is out walking their dog, and the pooch makes a mess in your front yard, and then the jerk at the other end of the leash doesn't clean it up? Be responsible pet owners, people!

One neighborhood near Houston has an abominably worse problem than pet poop. An unidentified man has been repeatedly defecating in their yards. It's reported that he pooped at one house six times! SO. GROSS.


Patrick Reese, a neighbor of the Woodland Heights community said, "It's definitely not a nice thing to do to people ... going to the bathroom in their driveway is not nice. That's definitely not something that's suppose to go on in polite society."

Um, yeah. Pooping in someone's yard is definitely "not nice." Are you ready to be grossed out even further? Then man apparently brings along paper towels to clean himself up, and then he just leaves them at the scene!

One neighbor installed a security cam and caught him going, and police are now looking for an older man who is balding with a mustache. Deputies say he will probably face indecent exposure or a criminal mischief charge if caught.

Another resident in the area, Aimee Parsons, said, "This is our neighborhood ... whatever people think should go on around here -- pooping is not okay. We don't want dogs pooping in our yards why would we want a human? It is very strange."

It is seriously strange. And gross. And weird. And gross. And it's just downright rude! I mean, if you have a pooping in public fetish, at least have the decency to do it in your own yard.

What would you do if you found a man pooping in your yard?


Image via Jim Bauer/Flickr

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