Loch Ness Monster Spotted on Sonar Image -- Nessie Lives!

Nessie found?Next stop, Scotland! After a spell of no sightings at all, it looks like Loch Ness's infamous monster might finally have surfaced! No, not literally -- but it's almost as good. Using sonar technology, Skipper John Askew aboard the Jacobite Queen won't say that he's found Nessie, but he will say that spending days going up and down the Loch on his ship, he's NEVER seen results like this on his sonar before. Be still my trembling heart -- NESSIE LIVES!

I know it might make some people snicker, but I can't help believing in the Loch Ness monster. Good ol' Nessie. Let me be clear. I like to think of myself as being intelligent and reasonably well-informed. I'm not gullible. I actually think it's important for all intelligent people to keep an open mind. I quote a dear friend's dad when she asked him if he believed in ghosts. "I don't disbelieve in them."


The world and the universe are vast -- wouldn't it make sense that so much could exist that we cannot account for or understand? To quote someone infinitely sexier than my friend's dad (sorry, Mike!), I believe it was Matthew McConaughey who said in the film Contact, regarding aliens, "If we are alone, that's a pretty big waste of space." Dreamy, dreamy, open-minded Texan -- I heart him.

My squeal of enthusiasm was only hampered by one thing. The news that Scotland is working hard on bolstering its PR this year -- and Nessie's always big a draw. Still, the sonar image combined with the recent 'spotting' of Nessie courtesy of Apple can't be denied. The Loch is big enough that it would be silly to write off the idea of something massive dwelling below. After all, don't marine biologists always talk about the depths of our waters being the real final frontier?

Could this story just have been worked up to get more of us tourists on the next flight across the pond? Sadly, it might. If that's the case, they deserve a stern talking to. The freedom to swindle tourists was not what William Wallace fought and died for. Yeah. I went there, Scotland. I am hoping to be proven wrong and will keep on believing. Maybe I'll even start hunting for Nessie myself! 

Do you think the Loch Ness Monster is real?


Image via Science Photo Library/Corbis

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