Woman Sues Dead Boy & His Parents After She Accidentally Killed Him

A woman who killed a teenager in a tragic automobile accident is actually suing the dead boy. That sounds like some kind of bad joke about people's propensity for wanting to sue over everything, but it's not. The woman, 42-year-old Sharlene Simon, a mother of three, accidentally killed 17-year-old Brandon Majewski, as he was out bicycle riding with two of his friends. Now she is suing him. Even though he's dead.


It all started when Majewski and his two friends went bike riding for hot dogs at 1:30 a.m. on a rainy evening. Simon reportedly admitted she was driving 10 miles an hour over the speed limit, but claimed she never saw the reflectors on the back of the boys' bikes.

She hit all three of them -- only Brandon died. Simon is now suing Majewski, the other boys, and their parents -- and even Majewski's brother, who in a terrible twist also died. She is blaming them all for her emotional trauma, including depression, anxiety, irritability, and post-traumatic stress.

No doubt hitting three young boys and killing one of them would cause a lot of emotional turmoil. But this woman is actually trying to profit from it. She is suing Brandon's estate and his parents, as well as the other boys' families, for $1.35 million. 

The Majewskis' lawyer says he's never heard of anyone suing the person they'd killed before.

What you have here is a human tragedy -- boys who were out late at night and maybe shouldn't have been (though there's no law against that). A woman who perhaps wasn't paying full attention. And then an accident. A terrible accident. It's life.

The boys' families are suffering enough. Not only did the Majewkis lose their son Brandon, but they also lost another son. Older brother Devon was found dead of a drug overdose. His family says it wasn't suicide -- he was merely trying to dull his pain from his brother's death.

So far, enough pain and tragedy for everyone. What does suing do except create more? This woman, if she ever got her hands on even a fraction of that money, would somehow feel better about what happened?

Also, how on Earth are Brandon's parents and even his brother, who is no longer alive, somehow responsible?

Majewski's father admits that the boys were wearing dark clothing on a rainy night and had no helmets -- but says that the accident was Simon's fault, that she must have been speeding, drunk, or texting, claims which have not been proven. He is now countersuing Simon.

What this group of people needs is healing, not more stone throwing. Not more blaming. People do not heal when they are in the middle of a lawsuit. Everyone is hurting, and pointing the finger will not help bring Brandon or Devon back.

Do you think Simon should be suing? What about the teen's parents?


Image via Marc Aubin/Flickr

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