Bride Gets Revenge on Couple Who Crashed Her Wedding (VIDEO)

wedding crashersFiguring out the guest list is stressful for a bride. She's got to invite some friends without guests, maybe even leave some distant family members and her mother-in-law's yoga instructor off the list. That's why it's particulary annoying when uninvited guests show up -- especially when you don't know them.

That's exactly what happened to bride Krista (Lamln) Reilly and her groom Andrew at their wedding in January.

We're talking wedding crashers!


Reilly was sitting at the reception when she noticed two people -- all decked out in fancy attire -- sitting at a table with her cousins. "I knew they didn't belong," she told her local news station.

The wedding crashers were escorted out of the party and Reilly thought that was that.

Until she saw her wedding video and photos.

The crashers appeared everywhere in the digital memories of Reilly's Big Day ... drinking free drinks, eating free food, dancing, posing for pictures. The mystery couple had a grand old time. And that's when Reilly decided to find out who they were.

Upon her mother's suggestion, she posted the couple's picture to her local news station's Facebook page, hoping that someone might be able to identify them.

Tens of thousands of people saw the photo -- including the crashers themselves, who must have been incredibly embarrassed. They reached out to Reilly with a heartfelt apology, explaining that they were guests at the resort where the wedding was held and just decided to join the party. They said it was their first time doing anything like that.

They even offered her and her new husband Andrew a gift, which she declined.



Would you have tracked down these wedding crashers or would you have let it go? Do you think their public embarrassment was "punishment" enough?

Image via WPVI

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