Woman Says She Caught On Fire After a Cell Exploded at the Gym (VIDEO)

exploding cell phoneThere are lots of things cell phone users worry about -- breaking the screen, spilling something on it, but most of all, losing it. Perhaps there is something even more serious to be concerned about. A Florida woman caught fire after she says a cell phone exploded at the gym. Not got extremely hot. Not started smoking. But EXPLODED!


Jackie Marinas was working out at Planet Fitness when the frightening incident occurred. She says someone's Samsung Galaxy 1-9300 blew up and covered her face and hair with the lithium that was in the battery.

"I was going to get some water, I heard a boom," she says of the moment it happened. "I thought it was a firecracker. It sounded kind of loud but then I felt the heat in my arm. Somebody yelled your hair is on fire." Thankfully, she was able to furiously pat out the flames before any serious injuries occurred.

At the time, no one was sure what had happened, so the gym was evacuated and the bomb squad called in. It turned out, someone's phone battery fell and exploded. Marinas was just in the wrong spot at the wrong time. And everyone is breathing a sigh of relief that is wasn't some homemade bomb or part of some sinister plot.

The Stir contacted Samsung for comment but had not heard back by the time this article was published.


Have you ever heard of something like this happening before?


Image via CBS 4

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