Sexy Student Pays for Law School by Stripping on Webcam

Vanessa KnowlesVanessa Knowles is a law student with big ambitions. She's also a professional stripper with countless fans supporting her endeavors on the web. A woman paying her way through college as a stripper is nothing new. In fact, you could argue it's a cliche. But Vanessa Knowles is different.

Of course her use of the online medium makes this a fresh take on an old story, true. But more than that, it's Knowles' attitude. She has zero shame about her past (which includes a stint as an in-the-flesh lap dancer) and has been nothing but open about what she does for a living. In light of Duke student and porn actress Belle Knox taking ownership over her identity when a fellow student tried to "out" her, Knowles could be one of a new wave of sex workers who are out, proud, and unapologetic.


It's not a choice I would make, but damned if I'm not impressed by Knowles. I mean, I also wouldn't choose to go to law school. I'm not smart or brave enough to take on either profession. To Knowles, going to law school and managing her mini-stripping empire aren't that different at all. She talks about the skills she learned as a stripper being transferable to her legal work: It's all about negotiations.

I want to believe that this is a new era for sex workers. The idea that we could live in a society where they don't have to shy away from a public life is exciting. It's particularly cool because it indicates that our society is changing the way it thinks about women and sexuality.

If people like Vanessa are being accepted, then we're breaking down unrealistic notions about what it means to be a woman: You don't have to be a Madonna or a whore. You can be a woman who likes sex and is comfortable using her sexuality without having to live in a world where you are reviled or shunned for doing just that. I don't think this is going to happen overnight, I'm not that naive. But you can't deny that this spells progress. 

Do you think Vanessa's pride is a good thing or a bad thing?


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