Grown Man Ordered to Stand On Street Corner With Sign Saying He's a Bully (VIDEO)

A 62-year-old man in Ohio has been ordered by a judge to stand on a street corner with a sign stating "I am a bully" and "I pick on children that are disabled" -- among other things. And when you hear the long list of disgusting actions that earned Edmond Avi this unusual punishment you will wonder if it is even enough.


Avi has been feuding with his neighbor, Sandra Prugh, for the last 15 years, but what seems to have been the final straw was his reaction to being annoyed by a smell coming from her dryer vent. To get her back he hooked up kerosene to a fan that led out of a vent in his home -- facing Prugh's home. You know, to annoy her with the smell. An eye-for-an-eye.

But that seems like a drop in the bucket when compared with what he's done to harass this family over the years. Prugh wrote a letter detailing how Avi has regularly thrown feces on her son's car windshield, once smeared feces on the family's wheelchair ramp, has spit on her several times, and even called her an ethnic slur while she was holding one of her adopted children. This poor woman!

Living in Prugh's family home is her husband, struggling with dementia, a paralyzed son, and two adopted children that are both adults now -- one with cerebral palsy and the other with epilepsy. The last thing this woman needs is a neighbor making her life any more difficult.

The judge also ordered Aviv to serve a couple of weeks in jail, complete some anger management counseling, and write a letter of apology to his neighbor. I'm not convinced that's enough!

Do you think his punishment was enough? Can you believe how long he got away with this harassment?

Image via USA Today

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