Firefighters Teach Inconsiderate BMW Owner an Expensive Lesson

fireWitnesses say it was like something out of a movie. Several homes in Boston were engulfed in flames. Firefighters rushed to the scene, but they faced one major obstacle. A BMW was parked in front of the hydrant. They had only one choice -- one the car owner certainly will freak out about.


It was a harrowing eight-alarm blaze with three buildings on fire, one being completely destroyed. Fortunately, no one was killed. Though, to fight the flames, Boston's bravest had to deal with a Beamer first. They busted out the windows of the swank ride to weave the hose right through them.

bmw, fire

This frightening scene comes just weeks after two firefighters died during another dangerous call. So the actions of this driver are especially inconsiderate and selfish. This is one of the very first things we learn during driver's education -- you never park in a fire lane and never block a fire hydrant. They are installed on the streets for a very important reason -- to help put out fires and save lives.

bmw, fire

I am sure this driver had no idea that this would happen, but he or she is still wrong for breaking this very important ordinance. The firefighters really had no other choice. It's a harsh lesson for this driver -- but I am sure he or she won't be parking in front of a fire hydrant again.

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Do you think the firefighters were justified in breaking the car windows?


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