Man's Scheme to Get Out of Work Is So Extreme It Gets Him Arrested

dwayne yeager faked burglarySurely, employees have been lying to get out of going to work since the dawn of time. But one man's elaborate excuse may actually land him in jail. Thirty-one-year-old Dwayne A. Yeager from Brandon, Florida allegedly staged a burglary at his home ... just so he wouldn't have to show up at his job!

In a call to police that was recorded (and later replayed by Bay News 9), Yeager says, "My door's open, my windows to my son's bedroom are wide open. My TV's in there on the ground." He went on to describe a car leaving the scene as "a white, kind of little Honda Civic pulling away. White, it had kind of like a black fender." But as detailed as his entire story may have sounded, police ended up finding no sign of forced entry. And surveillance video showed Yeager set up the break-in. What's more, neighbors reportedly said they saw Yeager leave, return home, and open the windows himself. So crazy!


Apparently, it didn't take very long for Yeager to admit that he actually went to the trouble of ransacking his own home to make it look like it had been robbed, then called the police. A police report noted:

He stated his wife was adamant that he go to work and he didn't want to.

HA! I mean, I guess we shouldn't laugh, because the guy obviously hated his job that much. But to go to such great, self-destructive lengths to get out of going is almost unbelievable! Why not just quit?

Accused of providing false information to law enforcement, Yeager was later released on $500 bail, the Tampa Bay Times reports. Reports have yet to state what his employer -- Doosan Hydro Technology, a company that says it specializes in design and construction of wastewater treatment plants -- thinks about the incident, but who knows ... it could be grounds for permanent dismissal. And if that happens, guess Yeager will have gotten his wish after all!

What's the wildest excuse you've ever come up with to get out of doing something you "didn't want to" do?


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